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Wash & Wax

A complete wash to remove all loose dirt. Followed by a clay bar treatment which removes hard embedded contaminants. A sealant is then applied to protect the paint. Lastly a wax is applied to ensure your auto is looking its best.

Wash + Wax + Interior

The complete wash and wax is coupled with a full interior cleaning. The interior is vacuumed, cleaned with a non-abrasive cleaner, and sealed with a protectant product. Add on service: steam clean interior to get a deep clean.

Paint Correction

Paint correction is necessary when past washes have left the paint with swirls, scratches and paint defects located on the clear coat. Stage 1: Minor machine polish to remove minor defects. Think scratches from washing with a dirty rag. Stage 2: Scratches and swirl marks in the paint. Think of the last time you saw an auto that had swirls when in the sunlight. Stage 3: This level is required when you have deep clear coat scratches they may take minor sanding to remove. Note: Not all imperfections can be removed with these methods, some are simply too deep to be polished out. Inquire to see if your auto can be corrected.

Maintenance Wash

Necessary to preserve your wash and wax. Recommend every 2-3 weeks.

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Why Heart Soul Auto?

Auto Enthusiast culture mixed with hard work and dedication

Heart Soul Auto is dedicated to customer service and ensuring work is done correctly to the level the customer expects. Heart Soul Auto is founded by an Auto Enthusiast that understands that everyone's vehicle is an extension of their personality and understands it is important to invest in taking care of the auto, an expensive important part of their life. The emphasis put on each job, large or small, produces excellent results that are based on quality and exceeding customer expectations. The goal for Heart Soul Auto is to ensure we create life long relationships based on trust. Each customer is a part of the Heart Soul Auto family and we greatly appreciate customers trusting us with your valuable time and automobiles.

  • Necessary to keep the car clean and extends the life of your wax detail. Recommended every 2-3 weeks following a wash and wax.

  • Wash, clay bar, sealant, wax. Recommended every 3 months.

  • Wash, clay bar, sealant, wax + vacuum, interior cleanse and protectant. Add on: steam clean interior. Recommended every 3 months or as needed.

  • Stages 1: minor defects Stage 2: swirl marks and scratches Stage 3: Deep scratches and neglected paint

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