Customers… What It’s All About

Customers… What It’s All About

“It is critical for a business to not be so self-centered it is deaf to the voice of success telling it the formula for greatness”

Anyone ever leave a business or a transaction and just feel like you were there for the businesses benefit?  Did you have that feeling in your body that you didn’t do something right?  Literally, you just wish you had not had that interaction.  Did you try to understand why the transaction didn’t unfold like you expected it to?  What a bad feeling.  You leave without the service or product you needed and the most disappointing part is… you feel ten times worse than when you started out.

If you care more about your business than you do the people your business serves it will fail.  A company can never succeed when its focus is turned on itself.  The business is blind to the changing business environment.  If you listen your customers will tell you which way to turn when the fork in the road comes.  The needs of the consumer will help shape where your company should go.  It is critical for a business to not be so self-centered it is deaf to the voice of success telling it the formula for greatness.

Today, many businesses focus on themselves.  They have lost the customer focus.  Appreciate customers and they will be loyal to your efforts.  A customer is the only reason any company exists.  There has never been a business in history that did not have a customer of some type.  I challenge anyone to think of a business that didn’t have customers that was successful.  It seems like a ridiculous concept right?

Think of the last time you experienced poor customer service, whether it be a rude employee or just a general lack of effort in helping fill whatever need you had.  Does that poor service reflect a company that understands they need customers to survive?  Every customer is a marketing opportunity.  In this socially connected day a positive interaction could be the difference between a good reputation or a bad one.  It only takes one comment, post, picture, or video to define your business.  Make sure it is a positive one.  Treat every customer with respect.  Know that the transaction is worth more than just the product or service you are selling.  Even more important, you are selling your reputation every time you speak to a customer.

Treat customers with respect, help them, and above all put them first.  A customer can have an interaction with a business and not even purchase products or services and wish they would have needed their product or services based off experience alone.  That is the type of interaction that creates a following.  At that moment customers become more than just a transaction, they become a support network.  They protect that business, they vouch for them.

Don’t let your business lose sight.  Customers… what it’s all about.

Joseph Herrera

Founder, Heart Soul Auto

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