Fixing Auto Door Handle Scratches

Fixing Auto Door Handle Scratches

We all have them, scratches under your auto door handle.  You don’t realize it but fixing the auto door handle scratches is going to make your daily commute much more enjoyable.  Your day will be positive from the time you open your vehicles door!  For some reason we can’t open the car door without aggressively digging something into the paint behind the door handle.  Whether its laziness or just an inability to control our muscle movements we all do it.  Many of us don’t stop to look at our door handles on our cars but it is used every single time we operate our auto.  Take a look at your door handles next time you drive your car.  In advance I apologize for waking up your attention because now you won’t be able to ignore it.  If your like me once I fixed the few scratches it was an obsession to fix every vehicles handles I owned.

How To Fix

Now how are we going to fix the scratches… with a little elbow grease.  You will need three microfiber towels, a compound, a sealant, and a wax if you want an extra shine.

First, clean the area with soap and water

Second put a few dots of the compound, I used V38 from Chemical Guys, on your microfiber cloth.  Use your hand and polish up and down then side to side until the compound is gone.  Repeat this step one more time to ensure the scratches are polished out since we are doing this by hand.  Wipe clean with a clean portion of the microfiber cloth.  If the compound used isn’t taking the scratches out you may need to get a more aggressive cut compound.

Third step, add a few dots of sealant to a microfiber cloth.  I used Wolfgang 3.0 to seal the area.  Wipe the area with the sealant in straight lines and allow to dry.  Once dry buff off with a clean side of the microfiber towel.

The fourth and last step is optional but will add shine to the area.  Use a carnauba wax to the sealant layer, I used P21s.  Apply the carnauba with a sponge applicator and buff off with a microfiber towel.  Follow the directions of the wax you use on whether you need to allow it to dry on the vehicle or not.

There you have it, clean, protected, and most importantly scratch free door handle areas.

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