Heart Soul Auto Spot Free Car, Truck, RV, and All Purpose Wash System

Heart Soul Auto Spot Free Car, Truck, RV, and All Purpose Wash System

Heart Soul Auto

Weekend Warrior Spot Free – Wash System

Weekend Warrior Bypass System

Weekend Warrior Spot Free Rinse System with Bypass option


– BYPASS SYSTEM lets you turn the filtering of water on and off.  You can choose how long your resin lasts, and you aren’t stuck using the EXPENSIVE filter resin every time you use the system.

– NO FILTERS, simply dump in the resin and your ready to use the system

– QUICK DISCONNECTS allow you to simply connect your garden hose to the Weekend Warrior system

– 450 GALLONS OF FILTERED SPOT FREE WATER in areas with 0-80 Total Dissolved Solids measurements

When washing your vehicle it is critical to dry the paint surface before the water evaporates leaving behind harmful minerals on your paint better known as water spots.  When drying your vehicle with towels you create micro swirling that can be easily seen in sunlight and requires professional machine correction to fix.  It also takes additional time to dry even when using an air blower.

When using the Weekend Warrior SPOT FREE – Wash System you simply connect the hose with the quick disconnect, then turn valves to filtered water and rinse the soap from your vehicle and you’re done, no drying needed.  Zero water spots remain behind after the vehicle dries.

Weekend Warrior Spot Free Rinse System with Bypass Option

Zero spots left behind when using the Weekend Warrior Spot Free Rinse System

We want to make the world better!  Every Weekend Warrior sold we donate  5% of the profit to http://www.winetowater.org which provides drinking filters, drills wells, and has many other projects in several locations around the world.

How does it work?

Your tap water is filtered through two deionization chambers which removes all minerals from the water that is left behind on your vehicles paint surface after washing.

To conserve the unit’s deionization resin, a bypass system is integrated to allow the Weekend Warrior to remain connected at all times.  Simply turn the two valves to unfiltered and you now have tap water coming out of the Weekend Warrior.  This is good for filling wash buckets, using a foam canon, or simply using the water for around the house.

The Weekend Warrior’s deionization resin life depends on your local water total dissolved solids measurement.  To get an idea, at 330 parts per million the unit’s resin life cycle is approximately 50-70 gallons of water.  When final rinsing a vehicle you use approximately 1-2 gallons of water.  This would allow for 25-40 vehicle washes.

Areas with 0-60 TDS measurements could see as much as 450 gallons of water.

You can use the Weekend Warrior with a pressure washer as well, conserving even more of the resin’s life depending on your pressure washer’s gallons per minute.

What Do You Get?

NOTE: Some assembly required

– Manual

– Stand

– Dual housing water canister assembly

– Bypass System

– Housing Wrench

– 2.12 lbs of Resin for the dual housing

– Bypass system

– Hose Quick Disconnects

Note:  The Weekend Warrior Spotless-Wash System must be used with 80 PSI of pressure or less.

Heart Soul Auto

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