How Does Mobile Detailing Save You Time, Money & Happiness?

How Does Mobile Detailing Save You Time, Money & Happiness?

“Protect your vehicle, increase your happiness, take back your precious time”

The Breakdown

In the span of a life time you will have traveled in your auto approximately 37, 935 hours according to the Harvard Health Watch.  To put things in perspective that is 2.2 million minutes, or 1,580 days, or 4.3 years.  With the average family size being approximately 3 that could extend anywhere from 9-12 years of commute time logged in your vehicle.  The average lifespan of a human living in the U.S. is approximately 78 years stated by the Center for Disease Control.  Over a life, you will likely have owned anywhere from 3-11 vehicles by the time you are in your seventies.  According to, the average cost of a new vehicle is around $33,000. notes that the average used car price has now climbed to $18,000!  A recent income census shows that the average American earns approximately $53,000 annually.  That’s a lot of numbers.

 Sum It Up

An auto owner is in their vehicle 5.5% of their life-time and spends 34% to 63% of their annual income on vehicle purchases.  To compound the investment, if an individual owns just 5 vehicles over their life they would have invested $90,000 to $165,000 and that’s the average… with no loan interest added.

Why Have a Clean Car?

Understandably we are all different and thus hold different ideas on what a vehicle is for.  To some a vehicle is a point A to point B tool, others it is an extension of their personality and somewhere in the middle are those that want to ensure money spent is utilized efficiently.  For all of the above, keeping your vehicle clean is a way to make sure its protected and lasts as long as you need it to.

A clean vehicle ensures corrosion does not eat away the components that make your car so reliable.  Over time weather, nature (i.e. birds/tree sap, ocean salt), pollution, and everyday bumps and scratches can deteriorate the exterior and interior of your auto.  Most importantly, having a clean auto interior increases your happiness and reduces your stress during your commutes.  Imagine starting your day off with the advantage of having a clean, great smelling auto interior!

Heart Soul Auto Mobile Detailing

Your time is important, limited, and best spent with your loved ones, pursuing your career, or just doing nothing… the best way to relax.  Mobile detailing is efficient because it has little to no impact on your life.  We clean your auto when you want us to, where you want us to, to the highest standard you deserve each time.

Protect your vehicle, increase your happiness, take back your precious time the one thing you can’t replace…

Joseph Herrera

Founder, Heart Soul Auto

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