Stage 1 Paint Correction

Stage 1 Paint Correction

Here is an example of a Stage 1 Paint Correction.  The paint was riddled with bugs and road grime. It felt like rubbing your hand on a light sandpaper prior to starting.

The first step in the process is to get the surface washed and take away as much of the dirt and grime that can be removed.  Second step was to clay bar the area.  The clay bar removes all the embedded surface contaminant.  After clay barring the bumper it was already starting to shine.  I used a 160g clay bar and Mother’s quick detailer to keep the surface slick as I removed dirt.

The third step was to actually start the machine polishing.  The bumper had never been polished or if it had it didn’t look like it.  I used Chemical Guys V36 cutting compound and a light pad since this was a relatively new “used” car.  For the fourth step I polished out swirls with Chemical Guys V38.  Since the machine polishing was finished I sealed the paint with Wolfgang’s Paint Sealant for the fifth step.  Lastly, I topped it all off with some P21s carnauba wax to give the paint an extra shine.

The Result

Even though the white paint only shows subtle changes during the process, the car is cleaned, smooth, and protected for 3-5 months depending on driving conditions and how often maintenance washes are completed.  You can see in the pictures the reflection becomes clearer and clearer as the process of the stage correction progresses.

I suppose it isn’t always the flashy results you can see that matters, its making sure the job is done right.

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