How To: Trim & Emblem Detail

How To: Trim & Emblem Detail

The back of the vehicle can be one of the dirtiest places of the vehicle.  The rear of the vehicle is often not given as much as the rest of the vehicle and can accumulate a lot of build up dirt and grime.  The following is a quick way to improve the looks of the rear of the auto.

Trim Detail

The black trim on vehicles will fade and get dry-looking over time due to weather and chemicals not designed for autos that are used to clean them.  Step 1, simply clean the trim with auto soap of your choosing.

Step 2, dry the trim completely.

Step 3, apply a trim restorer to a sponge applicator or a microfiber towel.  The trim restorer used for this example was Mother’s Back to Black.  Apply liberally in left to right then up and down. This will reduce streaks which some trim restorers can leave.  Lastly, let the product dry and you will have great looking refreshed black trim.  On the pictures below the right side of the black trim has been treated with Mother’s Back to Black and the left has not for comparison.

Trim restore back to blacktrim restore back to black

Emblem Detail

Most times when an auto is detailed the emblem can be overlooked.  A freshly cleaned exterior can be improved by ensuring to pay attention to the emblem area.  Do this by removing built up dirt and grime trapped in the small spaces around it.

The dirty emblems before detailing.

emblem detailemblem detail

Step 1, clean the area with auto soap with your regular exterior mitt or towel.

Step 2, take a small paint brush and clean gently around the emblem.  Remember, be careful and don’t scrub too hard, emblems are only held on by adhesives on most vehicles.  Scrubbing too hard can break emblems loose.  Most times the wash rag or mitt is too large to get into the spaces in the emblem, simply getting to the dirt with the brush will be all you need to do to start the cleaning process.

Step 3, use clay bar and shape it so that the clay gets around the emblem spaces.  Since the clay is able to be molded it is perfect for small areas.  In this case Mother’s 160g clay bar and spray lube was used to get into the tight spaces. Also, the clay smells great like cinnamon.

Step 4, next grab a microfiber towel and cutting compound and hand polish the emblem area.  Fold the towel so that small areas can get into the tight spaces.  Wipe the area until the compound is polished in.  For this application Chemical Guy’s V32 was used.  It is an aggressive cut and was chosen since hand polishing was used.

Step 5, seal the paint with a paint sealer.  For this application Wolfgang’s paint sealer 3.0 was used.  Apply a small dot of paint sealer to a clean microfiber towel and apply to the emblem area.  Allow the sealer to dry and then buff clean with a different microfiber towel.

Step 6, top it all off with carnauba wax.  This step is optional but will make a noticeable difference in looks.  In this case P21S was used to top the emblem.  Apply with a sponge applicator and use a microfiber towel to buff off.  The great thing about P21S is that it goes on clear and will not require you to go around the emblem removing caked on dried yellow wax.  It’s perfect for emblem detailing.

emblem detailemblem detail

Tip, fold your microfiber towel in fours and turn and fold to clean sides often throughout to maximize usage of your towel and ensure its always a clean side.

Mother’s Back to Black is missing in the product line up.

emblem detail

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