Vehicle Waterless Washing

Vehicle Waterless Washing

What is Waterless Wash?

Waterless wash is a great way to quickly touch up your vehicle in between washes.  Waterless wash can also be used to clean your vehicle in areas where water conservation is an issue.  Waterless wash is specifically designed to allow dirt to be removed without scratching auto paint.

How to Waterless Wash Your Vehicle

The examples in the pictures was last washed about one week ago.  Start by grabbing several clean towels.  Spray one towel on both sides with the waterless wash your using.  For this application washwaxall was used from aerocosmetics.  After spraying the clean towel, start with the top of the vehicle and spray a small area with the waterless wash.  Wipe the waterless wash off in one direction so you are not dragging dirt over clean surfaces.  Quickly go over the freshly wiped area with a second dry towel to dry the area completely.  This will make sure there are no streaks.


Note: Read your waterless wash directions but a key thing to remember is do not allow it to dry on the paint, it will leave streaks.

  1. Gather clean towels (several some for application/some for drying)
  2. Spray a towel (both sides) with waterless wash
  3. Start at the top of the vehicle and spray a small area
  4. Wipe in one direction with the towel you sprayed with waterless wash
  5. Use a dry towel and wipe the area just cleaned dry
  6. Change towels as they become dirty (you will go through several)

Tough Dirt or Bugs

For tough dirt or bugs spray the area with the waterless wash and let it sit for a few minutes, about 5.  After the area has soaked take a clean towel and wipe it clean.  If that doesn’t work take a scrubber that is safe for waterless wash and wipe the area in one direction.  Aerocosmetics makes a scrubber specifically for this and is safe for vehicle paint.


  1. Spray bugs or hard to clean dirt with waterless wash and let it soak for about 5 minutes
  2. Use a towel to wipe the area to see if soaking will be clean the area
  3. Spray hard to clean areas a second time and use a paint safe scrubber to clean tough to clean areas
  4. After using the scrubber wipe clean
  5. Spray the area a final time and wipe in one direction for a final clean
  6. Use a dry towel and wipe the area dry

Important things to remember

  1. Wipe in one direction to avoid dragging dirt around your clean areas and reduce risks of scratching.
  2. Change towels as soon as they are dirty.
  3. Use the scrubber as a last step for dirty areas.

Products Used

Waterless Wash


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